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Bought a "king size" restonic mattress - extra firm...paid $1500.00 for mattress and box spring. After sleeping on it for about 3 months, you could see a body impression on the mattress. Contacted the furniture dealer i bought it from and they said take pictures of the indentions on the mattress, and if it was more than 2 inches, that Restonic would replace the mattress. End result, the mattress was replaced but not the box spring - so i had... Read more

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on May 20th 2015, my husband and I went to Bel-Furniture in Beaumont Texas to purchase furniture for our new home. While looking for the mattress I have a list of requirements: 1. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so it's has to be easy to get out of and not to low to the ground. 2. I have nerve damage in my neck and low back and my husband has broken his neck twice, so we need comfort and support. 3. We both sleep hot so we want a mattress that... Read more

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DO NOT BUY THIS MATTRESS! I paid entirely too much for what this is worth. About a year after purchasing I was sinking in the middle. I tried flipping it but it's a piece of ***. I can't sleep anymore it is miserable. Even with a five inch topper with blankets filling in the crater in the middle it's like sleeping in a hammock. I tried to have it looked at under warranty but that required me to SHIP MY MATTRESS to them?! Finally got someone to... Read more

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Restonic Mattresses - Review in Furniture and Decor category from Ottawa, Ontario
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Im on a very limited income and it took me forever to save enough money for a good mattress (or so i thought)on February 15, 2016 i purchased a Restonic mattressSilver Plush product #854056 for a grand total of $714.43. On March 21, 2016 (just a tad over a Month old) showed signs of Sagging Already! The store I bought it from sent someone to look at it and measure it. Restonic denied it stating depth wasnt enough so store said theyed check it... Read more

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We bought a beauty rest Pensacola mattress 4 months ago, and it is sunk in on one side so bad my fiancé fell out of it. We bought it at Gardner white and it will cost around $200 for them to check it out and the restock fee, so we're stuck paying for the worst sleep ever, also it had a hole in it when we got it, which would have voided the warranty. Bad business, bad mattress, bad sleep.

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As a former employee of Restonic matress I can say that all your complaints are valid. I have witnessed the the short cuts. Using soft foam as a substitute for firm foam due to the fact that we consistently ran out. As for the warranty...they never keep their word. I once watched a 90 year old couple come in to place an order and see how things were made. The owner was laughing behind their back saying "watch I will give them a free lifetime... Read more

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Not a good company at all. Cares little if at all for customer satisfaction. Willing to cut corners to save a penny rather than make a product that is quality and sound. Worst bed I have ever purchased. Avoid this company's bed at all cost.

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First 2 years was good after that It got uncomfortable fast. My wife and i are big people 300/200#. Had to replace before it was 4 years old. Would not buy again. Sick and tired of paying good money for a *** bed, feel like we are throwing our money away. I guess no one makes a bed that will last 10 years. If so we have not found it. I am rambling because this post needs to be at least 100 words before it will download. Looks like excellent,... Read more

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I am thinking of buying a foam mattress. Went to mattress at Raymor & Flanigan in Bridgewater, NJ. There are lots of different mattresses that old coil type, foam, hand crafted, etc. In the past, we have had only the child based mattresses for our King, Queen and Full beds. Now we are buying another Queen bed and therefore thinking of a foam mattress. Please can anyone share their experience of Restonic Delight Memory Foam Queen Mattress in... Read more

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Our Restonic was so bad that we were sinking in deep after 8 months; no back support at all on a "firm". We don't weigh a lot. Both of us are well under 200lbs. We paid over $700 (same as a real name brand, and we were promised that it was the same quality by a Restonic employee). At the one year mark, we tried to return or swap mattress. The store wouldn't help us, and Restonic wouldn't help us. At 2 years, we gave the mattress away for... Read more

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