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My tiny friend of nearly 80 is extremely mad as her single bed Restonic matress was replaced 06/12/15 after paying R600 And now it is making a hollow place again. It was bought at Dial A Bed - Langeberg Mall & delivered at Vergelegen 40 words is more than enough to but her misery of the situation . She has got back trouble & pick up immediately that ther is something extremely wrong with the matress - it look like we will have to go back to... Read more

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after sleeping on a restonic king size matress......with an extra cushiny top....for no more than 3 months.......(so about 90nights) sagged in the middle so bed we had to call a tech who confirmed that it sagged....more than 2inches. But how they got out is that ...I had accidently spilled some tea and it was determined as "soiled" which is a condition that cancels their warranty.......what a great excuse!!! husband and I could... Read more

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I've had my Restonic pillow-top mattress since 2007. At the store I was told it had a 20-year warranty. It sags very noticibly in the middle. Today I called a toll-free number inquiring what I need to do. The representative said my particular model is actually a 15-year warranty. She also indicated that this particular style does have problens with sagging! I must deliver mattress to a store 30 miles away where a truck will pick up and bring... Read more

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Purchased a Restonic Extra Firm mattress in March 2015. Certainly is not extra firm. Had a warranty check in June 2015 and it was already sagging 1 inch. It has to be 1.5 inch sag to be covered by warranty. Sad that it was only 3 months and had already sagged 2/3 the distance. Not overly comfortable. The edges sag terribly when you sit on the edge of the bed to tie your shoes etc. Tried to talk with Restonic company rep and was just told... Read more

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I purchased a queen sized set in October 2014. The store went out of business within weeks of my purchase- yes, I knew they were going out of business. We loved the mattress at first. I could not even feel my husband moving around in the bed. After a few months, I noticed his movements and after that, the foundation started creaking with each little movement. It actually wakes us when the other moves around! I contacted customer service in... Read more

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My Restonic mattress came with a waterproof mattress pad to be kept on the mattress at all times to ensure no water, stains, etc on the mattress itself, so thats what I did. I lifted my matress up off of my boxspring a few nights ago and it was covered in MOLD! BEWARE!!! The store i purchased from sent a Tech out and they're obviously taking care of it, as its dry and spotless on top of the mattress, with my mattress cover less than perfect,... Read more

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Please read the email train below, between myself and the representative for Restonic, he came inspected, agreed the mattress had failed and determined the following: Also, understand there was SLIGHT (1 spot about the size of a silver dollar) blood stain on surface of a degraded 4 yr old mattress with 10 yr warranty. On Fri, May 22, 2015 at 1:53 PM -0700, "Rick" Saun, I had sent in the information as we discussed last Friday about your... Read more

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I buy one king size and two queen size mattresses from Gardner white and it's gone very bad in 1 year of proper use And company give 10 year of warranty I contact company but they agree to change two of my three mattresses o so I am not happy for that I don't recommend to anybody to buy this mattresses in future

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Approx 3-4 years I purchased a Restonic Comfort Care Atlantis. I could tell in less than 6 weeks, we had made a big mistake. Both sizes started to sink and a definite jump formed in the middle. Contacted the store where we purchased the mattress and they would not take it back. Said we would have to contact the manufacturer. I did and they sent out forms to fill out that made it almost impossible to figure out. We have continued to sleep... Read more

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I Okuhle Gqweta th owner of Restonic product am nt setisfied wth ur bed and I wl nvr in my life buy a restonic bed I am sick n tired of sinking all night long bcz of ur cheap material.

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