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Asked for an inspection by Restonic India to show how terribly well-like the mattress had sagged to. I was told that I needed to flip the mattress over and rotate the corners every few months. I had done that regularly and yet the mattress sagged. Basically, the guy did not want to concede and acknowledge the problem. Had a second inspection today and am told that Restonic only offers a 1 year... Read more

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Had the mattress 5 months and it sages in the middle. Turned it every 2 weeks for the first 3 months and once a month since. Really would like to get our money back. This is our second one my Restonic and we like the other one so. Up graded this one. HATE it. Tried putting. A foam topper on it that didn't help. Put a board under the mattress to if that would help. Nothing. Would just like to... Read more

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I've had my mattress for almost 7 years, but recently found that it started sagging in the middle, so I contacted the store and they sent out a mattress specialist. The specialist came out took pictures and measurements, and said I would have to have the small stains removed and call him back to take more pictures. I hired a specialist to come out clean the mattress and deodorize it, the next... Read more

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Waste of a lot of money! Only had mattress for a year and has caused nothing but aches and pains! Would never ever recommend this product to anyone! Read more

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Bought restonic mattress 1 1/2 yrs again , it is the worst mattress I have ever slept on. I never post complaints but after spending a few thousand dollars on it and hating It I felt the need to warn others. My husband and I absolutely hate it. Read more

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We purchased a Restonic memory foam bed several years ago. At first it was comfortable to sleep on, and provided good support. After about a year, we noticed that certain areas of the bed did not return to the memory foam position. These indentures have only gotten worse with time, and now it is hard to roll out of these soft spots, and, to move around in the bed. We changed the mattress around... Read more

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This matress sagged so bad after less than one year that they replaced it. The test was a piece of string stretched across the matress. The sag exceeded 2.5 inches and the were looking for les than two. When it was replaced they delivered the same matress and I am sad to say it display the exact same issue. I would rate this as the WORST matress I've ever slept on. If sales people at Hudson... Read more

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Restonic Mattresses - Review about Mattress from Burton, Texas
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We bought the Restonic at a local furniture store. After a year, the lumps started to appear! Now, three years in, we've got a 16x24 mound in the middle and more lumps than cottage cheese! We are in the process of dealing with the warranty. First option, we can send them our mattress to have the lumps removed, but that leaves us without a mattress to sleep on. But, then again, I would... Read more

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mattress padding came loose and balled up just a little over a year, I reported it for warranty and they wanted me to pay 2/3 of what the mattress cost me in order to get any warranty,suppose to had a 5 year warranty,the warranty code that was on mattress did not match up with the code that they had, told me I purchased a cheaper mattress,went to the place that I purchased it from that has been... Read more

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