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I bought a King restonic from a local furniture store about three years ago. I knew there was something wrong with it shortly after buying it, and talked to the sales lady .she didn't seem too receptive and shortly after that my husband got very ill so I didn't pursue it right then. Unfortunately even though I kept him covered as well as I could and pads under him, he did have a couple of accidents and the mattress was stained a little. He passed away a few months later , and the mattress was getting worse and worse. I called her again and... Read more

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We bought a Restonic bed less than two years ago. I replaced it with an air bed this week. After a year it had a horrible sag in the middle and I only weigh 170 lbs. I have a futon mattress at a cabin we own and that was more comfortable than this bed. I would never buy one again! Add comment

Where my wife and I sleep you can see the exact spot in the mattress. She weighs a little over 100 pounds. The spot she sleeps is already sinking. I weight 250and where I sleep is caved in. This happened in three weeks or less. Paid about a 1000 dollars for this junk. Have not tried to get a new one yet but worried about getting the same mess. I don't see how a matress can fail this quickly. My last one was a bandy that lasted until a fire. Anyway the edge of the matress is starting to budge out also. It says space technology on the... Read more

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If you had asked me about the Restonic mattress before I bought the 'new' one I would have unequivocally advised you to get one. I wish I had never gotten rid of my old one even though it was 25 years old. I absolutely loved it and wish that I had it back. With that being said, I am now paying a high price for a product that is faulty at best. I purchased a Regalia ET King in August 2014 and was so unhappy with it that I did manage to get an exchange. I laid in a hole every night and it was very very hot! I noticed this immediately and... Read more

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18 months ago purchased memory foam set. HUGH MISTAKE. Had a representative in my home today to check mattress-he did very scientific tests, well he mashed down on mattress with his hand and said it's fine. I paid 999.00 for this s-h- . Guess I'll be shopping this weekend for replacement but you can rest assured I'll never buy a Restonic product again. I had used this brand for 35 years but quality control apparently gone down the toilet. I'm not wealthy and I didn't actually have 999.00 to waste. I will have to make many sacrifices... Read more

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The dealer was great home of economy grand forks nd but the restonic co is poor. We bought the memory foam mattress had three replacement mattresses in six months. Then we were given their top innerspring to satisfy us. This is the worst mattress we have ever had and the company doesn't return our calls. Save your money and sleep on the floor it won't sag. The dealer is wonderful customer service excellent . With all of the technical know how there should be a good dependable product that lasts. I am sorry that we bought the mattress and... Read more

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So I wrote to you one year ago and you never responded! Horrible company! Now going to contact better business bureau. Our bed had to be returned once then the second one did exactly what the first bed did but by that time the place we purchased it through had gone out of business, huge red flag! The sagging which happens without a week after purchase is just uncomfortable and unacceptable! I see by other complaints this is a recurring issue for this bed and company. That tells me it's time to put a permanent stop to this bed and company! Read more

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Had one mattress replaced after 1 -2 months. Same thing happened to the new one. It was broke down within 3 weeks. Wrote a letter to the company with no response. Will not ever buy a Restonic mattress again nor would I recommend one to anyone. I've been had !!!! Read more

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Worst mattress ever! 1 year old, norhing but aches and pains!! Add comment

Magic Mattress in Westminster, Md 21157. Salesman sat at his desk and pointed to where all the Restonic Mattresses were on the floor. Physical layout to even get in the store from shopping center was hard to navigate . Two levels of steps for handicap shoppers. Purchased a great Restonic queen set. Questioned the depth of new mattress set was told to measure from carpet to the top of current should be 28" our set was 28.5". Our old set was >20yrs. old and we were pleased with our Restonic .There are scattered dealers in the our state. When... Read more

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