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I buy one king size and two queen size mattresses from Gardner white and it's gone very bad in 1 year of proper use And company give 10 year of warranty I contact company but they agree to change two of my three mattresses o so I am not happy for that I don't recommend to anybody to buy this mattresses in future Add comment

Approx 3-4 years I purchased a Restonic Comfort Care Atlantis. I could tell in less than 6 weeks, we had made a big mistake. Both sizes started to sink and a definite jump formed in the middle. Contacted the store where we purchased the mattress and they would not take it back. Said we would have to contact the manufacturer. I did and they sent out forms to fill out that made it almost impossible to figure out. We have continued to sleep... Read more

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I Okuhle Gqweta th owner of Restonic product am nt setisfied wth ur bed and I wl nvr in my life buy a restonic bed I am sick n tired of sinking all night long bcz of ur cheap material. Add comment

Our new $1,200 Restonic mattress started sagging in the middle after about a year. Two and a half years later the sagging is much worse and all attempts we have made to alleviate the problem (rotating the mattress, investing in different mattress tops, etc) have been in vain. My husband and I weigh 185 and 140 lbs respectively. Sleeping on the mattress has become too uncomfortable as we both keep getting pulled to the sag in the middle... Read more

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I bought a King restonic from a local furniture store about three years ago. I knew there was something wrong with it shortly after buying it, and talked to the sales lady .she didn't seem too receptive and shortly after that my husband got very ill so I didn't pursue it right then. Unfortunately even though I kept him covered as well as I could and pads under him, he did have a couple of accidents and the mattress was stained a little. He... Read more

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We bought a Restonic bed less than two years ago. I replaced it with an air bed this week. After a year it had a horrible sag in the middle and I only weigh 170 lbs. I have a futon mattress at a cabin we own and that was more comfortable than this bed. I would never buy one again! Add comment

Where my wife and I sleep you can see the exact spot in the mattress. She weighs a little over 100 pounds. The spot she sleeps is already sinking. I weight 250and where I sleep is caved in. This happened in three weeks or less. Paid about a 1000 dollars for this junk. Have not tried to get a new one yet but worried about getting the same mess. I don't see how a matress can fail this quickly. My last one was a bandy that lasted until a fire. ... Read more

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If you had asked me about the Restonic mattress before I bought the 'new' one I would have unequivocally advised you to get one. I wish I had never gotten rid of my old one even though it was 25 years old. I absolutely loved it and wish that I had it back. With that being said, I am now paying a high price for a product that is faulty at best. I purchased a Regalia ET King in August 2014 and was so unhappy with it that I did manage to get an... Read more

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18 months ago purchased memory foam set. HUGH MISTAKE. Had a representative in my home today to check mattress-he did very scientific tests, well he mashed down on mattress with his hand and said it's fine. I paid 999.00 for this s-h- . Guess I'll be shopping this weekend for replacement but you can rest assured I'll never buy a Restonic product again. I had used this brand for 35 years but quality control apparently gone down the... Read more

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The dealer was great home of economy grand forks nd but the restonic co is poor. We bought the memory foam mattress had three replacement mattresses in six months. Then we were given their top innerspring to satisfy us. This is the worst mattress we have ever had and the company doesn't return our calls. Save your money and sleep on the floor it won't sag. The dealer is wonderful customer service excellent . With all of the technical know how... Read more

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