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I bought this Restonic Monarch mattress at a cost of $1170 barely over four years ago, and it was noticeably sagging by last year. My back's been hurting for over eight months now, and has to do with the bed being so uncomfortable.

It will be picked up for repairs by the furniture company that sold it to me on Tuesday, but I was not offered any other form of redress/correction, when I would have preferred to have been given a pro-rated refund on the bed so that I could buy another brand.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if the repaired mattress shows the same sagging in the center where I sleep [alone] within or before the same timeframe.

I may have to put this mattress in a bedroom where it won't be much used, and go back to my 33 year old Beautyrest that still has no sag to it.

I'd not recommend this mattress to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Restonic Mattresses Bed.

Monetary Loss: $1169.

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Well at least your furniture store will pick yours up. Mine is not even 4 years old with a 10 year warranty, but since it has a stain on it from trying the wine test like in the commercials.

The warranty is no longer good!! *** me I guess for thinking it would be like a temperpedic.

I guess that is what I get for trying to save $$. Never again will I buy Restonic that is for sure!!


I just had to comment on the remark or remarks made by David. It is obvious you have never slept on a high end/luxury set of bedding.

You are absolutely right, if you by nothing but a cheap mattress you should not expect to have anything more than you cheap mattress. I have paid 1200 to 1800 for the mattress in my home. It is like a pair of shoes if you buy a cheap pair, they will soon loose there shape, gives not support and smell. Regardless of your opinion you would expect to say the things that you do regarding a mattress.

The fact of the matter is if I purchase something that I consider high end with a warranty I expect the manufacture to honor and stand behind the product. It is evident that products made today are not the quality they may have been 10 -15 years ago. So the lady with the mattress that was 30 years old. All I can say is I feel pretty confident that you will not find one of that quality.

David you might want to keep your opinions only related to things you have experience with. I can't make judgement on the less expensive mattresses you own, but at the same time I do respect your choice in the products you select.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #258966

Why does everyone expect a bed to last 20 years when you lay on it every night? Hard beds last longer but they do not offer great comfort.

Soft beds offer comfort but must be changed out sooner.

If your 25,000 car breaks down in four years, do you expect a refund from the manufacturer? No!

Get over it. Geez!!


Exactly David, very well said. I will repeat it too. Buy a cheap mattress and that is what you get.


If there was nothing wrong with your 33yr old Beautyrest then why did you buy a mattress?


Oh for crying out loud, your not buying something that is going to last forever. Get over it.


Weight is not the issue to be brought up. I have a 70 lb Akita who sleeps on the bed and in less than 3 years, she has created impression on that side of the bed.

So unless you are under 70 lbs, telling someone that "shedding a few pounds" would solve the problem is a *** comment. By the way My Akita does not sleep in the same place on the bed all night every night, she moves around during the night.

The company ha has told many people tht the mattress was not intended for every night use. Where else are you supposed to be expected to sleep every night if not in your own bed.


really ? you slept on it for 4 years...

of course it sags its metal and fabric... maybe shedding a couple pounds wouldnt hurt you.. of course they wont reimburse you fully you have slept on that thing for 4 years...

roughly 1400 nights... buy cheap matresses and that is what you get

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