Nashville, Tennessee
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we have had now for four months and it looks like a car hood scoop high in middle dips on both sides not happy will be going tomorrow where i bought it to conplain will see what happens. beaver dam ky.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Good day just bought a restonic bed 3 months ago n it's collapsing towards the middle ...rep comes to check it out but tells me it's not sinking 5 cm so he can't change it ...the bed shouldn't even sink in the first dissapointed with this service pls help ...purchased from sleepmasters shallcross


I bought a Restonic ortho gold queen size bed 17 months ago. Bedworld told me the guarantee on the matress is 24 months and now Restonic says 12 months.The springs on the sides is coming.

Out and hurting me I sleep on my side and way 85 kilo and sleep alone I delt with very rude staff that's said I have to pay 900 to get a new mattress.

I had a cheep double bed and it lasted me for ever. I understand that rules is rules but surely they must handle each case separately.