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a person's my matches on September 13th I called the store to complain about the mattress I told him it wasn't the mattress that I had tried in the store they told me you have to wait 30 days before they would even consider you being able to trade the mattress even with a trade it will cost $200 for them to pick it up and then the price goes up another $200 depending on what type matches you you choose I don't think this is the right way that you should do business especially if the mattress is a the same day you should get a refund

Product or Service Mentioned: Restonic Mattresses Mattress.

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I made a comment earlier and it was taken down. The same happened to me, I too had to wait 30 days and they would deduct almost $200. The mattress smelled of body odor, is hard and heavy definitely not the same as the display, which was very comfortable and medium support which was the Lanark queen.


The same happened to me. Not the same mattress in store, it has body odor and is very hard and heavy.

Never had a new mattress smell. I had to wait 30 days and they deduct $165. I’m sure if I cut this mattress it will have used parts and coils are not wrapped as shown on display. This is the most uncomfortable smelly mattress and the Property Brothers name is attached to the brand!

I need to contact them and let them know how their brand is being abused. Willing to allow them to cut open mattress with camera rolling!