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We purchased King Size Restonic Mattress set in May 2010. First set they sent was the wrong set so we had to wait for the right set to be sent.

Almost immediately impressions formed on both sides & now the top of the mattress is wrinkling up. We have nice bump in the middle and sleep in holes every night. I have attempted to contact them via email & received a return email with no response, I assume it was to provide me with their email address so I could send pictures, as I requested.

I sent pictures to both emails but to date no one has responded. Very Disappointing!

Review about: Restonic Mattresses Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $1494.

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Our mattress has been repaired & we picked it up yesterday. The factory found that the 3" Visco foam had come loose & was all bunched up.

They restraightened & reglued the foam.

The factory contact was very helpful & we appreciate their efforts. We look forward to more restful nights.


After numerous phone calls & emails someone contacted me & come to find out not only did the store I purchased it from close so did the factory. The issue is what the outter mattress is doing because of the impressions.

The mattress is on a foundation as required by Restonic as well as its been rotated.

Another factory has been helping me. I provided them docs they required along with lots of pictures, they contacted me again & we are working on a resolution, so we'll see what happens.


The factory can only send what the store orders. If the factory sent the incorrect item it is because the store ordered it wrong.King size mattresses on a split foundation will form a hump in the midddle.

This is just the nature of the thing. It does not matter what company your mattress comes from. If you don't want the hump put your mattress on a solid platform. Not one with slats holding the mattress up, but one with sheets of plywood with proper support below.

One needs to rotate your mattress as prescribed in your warranty. This will allow the filling to pack more evenly. Body impressions are normal and not a defect if less than 2-3 inches. The number depends on the mattress and manufacturer.

Why are you not contacting the store that sold you the mattress? They took your money and made the profit off the sale.

The store is supposed to be the middle-man in both the purchase and any warranty work that needs to be done! If all else fails send your pictures and a letter stating the problem directly to the factory via certified mail.


Was this a body and soul mattress or you could call it a memory foam mattress?

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